Team Carbuncle

The progression team is responsible for advancing high end game content. This team will consist of SURGE FC Members who want to clear Savage level content and meet the requirements and expectations set by the Progression Team Leader. This includes managing your gear, researching and learning the boss fights, and min/maxing your preferred class. Progression Team I is active from 2230 to 0100 EST on Monday and Wednesday nights. Please speak with Arch Vision or Erika Shimada for more information.

Progression Team I V1.0
Progression Team I Requirements:

  • At least Ilvl 340 (With materia 6 melds)
  • Have cleared Byakko EX and obtained weapon (or crafted weapon)
  • DPS must be competitive. We will have fluctuation, but you must know your class.
  • Must be willing to use Discord.
  • Must be able to take constructive criticism. This goes both ways; if you notice we are doing something wrong, we are all ears.
  • First pull is at 10:30pm EST. You are responsible for being ready after 10:00pm with your food, potions, etc. We will be running until 1:00am EST.
  • Do your homework. If you keep dying to a certain mechanic, find out why and lets fix it.

Interested players will go through a trial run with the current members of the Progression team and we will see how you do. The current members will then discuss and decide if we are a good fit for each other.