Our own slice of Shirogane living.

Established July 2017, Surgical Tactics is an active Free Company operating out of the Diabolos server on the Primal data center. Our Mansion is located in Ward 4 of Shirogane, Plot 37.

Focused on Savage content, our members are primarily active in the evenings and are working adults with families and career pursuits. In addition to a Static Progression team, <<SURGE>> offers community events twice a week, ranging from farming Savage content (even for those new to the fights), Primal Farms, and Treasure Map adventures!

Our events run Monday through Thursday, starting at 10:30 PM EST and usually finish by 1:00 AM EST. Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday are dedicated to our Statics, while community events are held on Tuesday and Thursday. We also run daily roulette groups and offer help to those who need to acquire gear for their classes, level up crafters, or level up gatherers.

We have a Discord server, an Instagram account dedicated to screenshots, a clear Membership ranking system, monthly community events with prizes, and a helpful membership core.